Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sit Down Baby! 

Why is it no matter how many baby pills I give him he continues to get bigger and do more things? In the last couple weeks Dill has learned to pull up and cruise along furniture. It seems like such a natural progression. I guess since we already saw Lily go through it inevitably Dillion would also. But I can't help but wish he would stay my sweet, cuddly baby just a little while longer...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Subject: Lily Laster

Location: Our Backyard, Indiana

Props: Bouquet picked by Daddy for Mommy

Wearing: Toddler Burn Busters purchased from

Taken by: Amber Lynn Photography

Monday, September 14, 2009

Photos by Amber Lynn Photography

Just a quick blog to let everyone know I am still here! There is so much going on in real life that my online time has taken a real cut. From now until the end of January our life is just one big celebration :) We just had Lily's 5th Birthday! Next is James and my anniversary on the 17th, then my birthday on October 3rd. Etc etc...

Not to mention big changes on IndieSunshine! I am completely redoing the layout and template. Hope to have that ready to go up by the weekend. So email me (many times if you want a timely response) Or catch me on Facebook. LoL I just figured out that there are msgs on the Xbox and received my first few this weekend. In my free time (ha) I am playing Fallout 3. Good times. Hope everyone is well!