Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mass Emailed, but wanted to share with blog friends as well

  I just wanted to give a quick happy update on Sebastian James (we officially agreed on the middle name!) 

For anyone who needs background information we found out at 19 weeks that he has Posterior Urethral Valves (PUV). After an amnio, bladder tap, and a visit to the Children's hospital of Cincinnati his prognosis went from grim, to wait and see. Now that we have waited 9 long weeks things are looking as good as could be expected. His lungs are maturing, his kidney's are not failing as far as we can see from the fluid levels and the size of his bladder is reasonable for what he has gone through. Today I got the ok to just see my regular OB every week instead of switching between Bloomington and Indy as long as everything continues to look ok. Also we set a date! At 37 weeks on August 25th I will have an amnio to test for lung maturity, if they are ready we will have the C-Section at St. Vincent on Thursday August 26th.

Baby Ian will be evaluated by the pediatric urologist and have a renal ultrasound that day. If he is big enough and stable he will have surgery on his third day of life to correct the obstruction. There are still a lot of what ifs and we don't know what shape his bladder, kidney's or connecting tubes will be in or how they will function until he gets out. But we do know his lungs have had time to develop and he should be born a wet, breathing, screaming mess. What more could we ask for?

Also as far as Dillion goes...we still don't know what it going on. But he also goes to see the pediatric urologist, July 2nd and we hope to find out more then. His rickets Dr's do not think it is a kidney stone or anything to do with that diagnosis and his pediatrician doesn't think it is bladder or kidney related. Hoping it is nothing :)