Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So...I didn't totally fail Father's Day

*Disclaimer: The title of this blog would have been much different, if not for my Best Friend, Alicia. She is one of a kind and I am not worthy of the time she lovingly puts into my family.   Muchas Gracias Amiga! 

So...I nearly failed Father's Day! It was the Friday evening before the big day and the only thing in our house that even pointed out a holiday on the horizon was the calendar (which I rarely have time to consult.) I hadn't bought a card telling my husband he was the best dad ever; There wasn't a single thing for him to open and I had no plans to change that.

Not because he doesn't deserve it. He does, truly. I could not have picked a better father for my children. He loves them and genuinely wants to spend as much time as he can with all of us. I can leave for extended periods, knowing he will take care of the Tinies (nearly) as well as I would! He is a great man and deserves the moon.

Also, it is not because I am a "bad" wife. I would say there is never a day I rank under "decent"...

It just surprises me how quickly time passes. As soon as I get one thing on my to do list crossed off, it is already to late to plan for the next.

This is where my Best Friend comes in! 

See if you would call a good friend a couple days before a holiday and tell them you have failed. They would probably say something like "It is okay, James knows you love him and that he is a good dad. He doesn't need you to get him a present." Which is all true. Life surely would have gone on, had I neglected my wifely/motherly duties this one time.

However, when I went to text my best friend, this was the conversation that took place:

Me: I have failed Father's Day.
Alicia: How do you fail something that hasn't even happened yet?
Me: Well, I don't have a present and have no plans to change that.
Waiting for a response...
Me: I should go out and get him something right?
Still waiting for a response...
Me: I should probably go right now, what are you up to tonight?
Alicia: Changing my clothes and wondering what store I should meet you at.

So we went. But just wait. Her awesomeness does not end there! She continued to be a great asset once we reached our Present Finding Destination!

Once inside James' favorite store, J.L Waters, I was having a hard time finding something that he would like. ...Well okay, I found several things he would like; Several things he has mentioned could be useful. Like a...

A giant tent.
A new pair of Keens.
A $400 "drop me in the middle of nowhere for a month and I will be fine" backpack.

Just nothing within our price range that he would truly love.

It was crunch time - The store was closing, the polite salesmen were trying to hurry us up a bit. We were 3/4 the way through the store and all I have is a bag to put this future, hypothetical present in...

Out of the blue, Alicia says all nonchalantly "There's a hammock. James likes hammocks."

OMGoodness to Pete, does James like hammocks! He says how much he would use one every other week or so. Annnnd they just happen to have it in his favorite color - Burnt Orange.

The Father's Day Hammock of 2013

All-in-All it worked out. 

The husband is happy, the children are happy and I didn't fail 
Father's Day. 

In the words of my BFF Alicia "I frickin' love Happy Endings!"

Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Chat with Mommy

Since Dillion was born we have a tradition. Every night at dinner we go around the table and say what we are thankful for that day. It is a great way to get everyone settled down. Get them into dinner mode and out of crazy kid mode! Something like "I'm thankful we got to watch a movie today" Or "I'm thankful I didn't get in time out" Or "I'm thankful Lily helped me today!"

When the kids are tiny we answer for them. Like when 4 month old Ian would insist on me holding him during dinner. At his turn everyone would chime in "Ian is thankful for mommy!"

Very true.

Then as the children get older the answers really start to take life and it is amazing to see what they come up with each day.

So if you have been following along you know that I have been down with knee surgery recently. I was taking pain meds pretty regular for a couple days. I was not able to put forth the full mommy effort that my kids need. However, over the weekend I was feeling much better and James left me home with just Dill for a bit while he ran to the store with Uno and Tres.

What did The Dill and I do? We talked. Simple as that. He told me stories and I listened. He asked questioned and I answered them.

4 year olds have a lot of questions and I missed out on them while I was sleeping off the surgery. He asked me everything from why are the walls cream colored to why do we have nipples. I answered everything to the best of my ability. We had the best time just chatting for about 45 minutes straight.

45 minutes well spent, that I will never forget! And neither will he.

As we sat down for dinner that night, Dill was tired and very resistant to taking a seat to participate. However, once he was coaxed into his chair, he thought for just a moment, his eyes got big, fixed on me. And he said "I am thankful mommy talked to me today!" His eyes were smiling so big as he said those 8 simple words.

And instead of feeling like a crap mom because I hadn't been awake and interacting with my kids for 4 days straight, I felt on top of the world! All I had to do was sit this tiny 4.5 year old boy on my lap, talk and listen. At the end of the day that is what really makes the impact. Not the blistering hot hours spent at the park where he seemed to have so much fun. Or the hour I let him watch his favorite Netflix show.

All children really want is our undivided attention for a short period to let them know that they are special! Just a few minutes spent talking about what is important to them. Even though he is small, there is so much going on in his beautiful, unique brain!

From that day forward, No matter what else happens, I will devote a tiny bit each day to that cuddled up chat time with my children. In the end, that is what they really remember!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

They Wanna Make Me Go To Rehab...

So I feel there were some things glossed over before my knee surgery.

1. "You will be on crutches like one day." Says The Doctor. Day 6 here and I am just now able to do anything more than hobble to the bathroom without crutches.  

2. The thought that I would be in less pain...It is possible that since this is the 3rd surgery on this knee  that I am taking longer to heal. Not sure, but I am still in a world of hurt.  

3. I got a call Thursday saying I would need to pick out a rehab facility. Now wait a second! Rehab makes me think a couple things - $$$ and Time. Things that I really can't spare. I remember the Dr saying I would need rehab if I did the major knee surgery, but there was no mention of it for this time around. Ugh.  - Pretty ready to be done with all of this.

Suggestions for a rehab center would be appreciated. I have never been to one before so I am turning to you all...

Where have you been? Did you like it? Would you recommend your rehab facility to a friend? 

PS. It is a surprise with the amount of pain pills they give you after surgery that more people don't end up needing a different kind of rehab!