Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Fall Day


Lily hand

Baby Dills in our Girasol wrap

Mommy and Dillinger

Friday, October 16, 2009

3 things

1. My kids are cute...I mean I think so. If you think so follow this link to Gaps search for new models and vote for them! Lily is on there too, just search my name mellisa4444

2. I can't wait for Novia to announce the fluff winners, I want to be one of them!

3. My sewing machine has issues, my Mother in law use to make James' halloween costumes with it in the 80's so it's old...I have been wanting a new one like crazy! Well today I found it has a feature I never knew about! Here is the exact voicemail message I sent my husband when I found it. 

"Hi Honey! Just wanted to tell you that my sewing machine has a built in safety feature. It seems whenever the needles comes in contact with Human Flesh it totally breaks in half to prevent further injury. By the way, give me a call back if you know where the big band-aids are. I looked in the first aid kit and can't find them... Love you!"

Monday, October 5, 2009

I want Guerilla Fluff!

So I just got into Cloth Diapering. Here is Baby Dills in his first Thirstie diaper.

Cute cute...but the whole reason I was inspired to start cloth diapering was Miss Novia over at Guerilla Fluff. I was in love with her diapers the first time I laid eyes on them! So punk and yet so baby. Anyone in need of the cutest cloth diapers on the planet should head over to www.guerillafluff.com and check them out! Tell her I sent you and maybe she will help with my addiction!