Monday, April 13, 2009

Just a quick story before I head off to bed. Baby D was sleeping thru the night for a while, well it stopped. So for about a month now he gets up around 1am and 5am. I have to get him from the crib, nurse him and put him back to bed (though I can usually con daddy into that part.) Anyway, I said all that to say this...I am tired! I forget things, nothing important, but little things. Sometimes I feel a little "left of center."

Most recently that has started coming out in weird dreams. For instance last night I was at a convention for the BBC mommies and Dillion was playing with Baby Grayson and I was talking to his lovely mother Brandy. We had a great time. It was like we were best friends. In all actuality I have never met this lady, but it was all so real. Yea I am going to bed now! I will try to do an Easter post tomorrow with pics :)

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  1. you're so awesome and you have awesome dreams and we can totally be blog BFFs!!! Good luck with the sleep thing - I think Grayson is on the same schedule.