Wednesday, August 26, 2009

*Exhale* I'm not perfect, but I am FreeEEEeeEee (My attempt at online singing)

What a week! So many things have happened and changed. Lily has been going to school every week day, all day. I am pretty much lost without her. After she gets on the bus I bumble around the house trying to figure out what comes next...I can't even remember to make myself breakfast until Dillion starts to complain about needing a morning snack. 

I try not to be sad because I know this is what children do. Plus she is learning so much! This week she brought home a small book and read it to me. They are learning "I am" right now. The book was "I am dog, I am bear..." Very simple, but when your baby reads it to you it is the most amazing book ever!

Last night was open house at school. Her teacher said she is doing very well. Then the principle asked to see James. So we ran down to the office and they had a present for him (little frog shaped mint chocolates with caramel filling, genius!) From what I understand he was very prompt in doing some work for them last week. That is my husband, prompt :) Today he turned in an application for a promotion. *fingers crossed*

What else? Lily went to a gymnastics party put on by our friend Pamala this weekend. I had to leave, but when we came back she was running, jumping, and climbing on everything in site.  Seems like she had a really great time. Thanks Pamala, the turn out was amazing, you did a GREAT job!!

Ok before I write a book lets move onto Dillion. Who btw is crawling! Yesterday I was way to involved in editing sling pictures, finally I realized "why is he being so good?" He was playing barbies! Somehow he managed to get all the way across the playroom into the big kid area. Looks like he will be keeping us on our toes from now on.

Highlights - Best Ecard goes to Farah! COFFEE!! You know I love it :)

Most uplifting text came from my favorite German. You always know just what to say!

Best email? That is a hard one. It is between my uncle Jody who checked out Indie Sunshine and wants to order a sling for his pregnant wife. He said they are proud of us. People in my family don't say that often, so it meant a lot.

I also got an email from a BBC friend who reminded me to focus on my kids and husband. Advice that I had given her last week. But it took on a whole nother meaning when said back to me. So that is what I am doing...Off to enjoy my baby!


  1. don't they grow so quickly! congrats to lily and james and dillion for all their accomplishmetns. fingers crossed with you on the promotion!

  2. Take a break and enjoy your family honey. I have to remind myself of that EVERY DAY. I get so caught up in the BS of life & my business that I sometimes overlook those important little things with my fam. I read somewhere about BBC drama and I just wanted to let you know to not sweat the small stuff.
    And honestly, it hind sight its REALLY small stuff.

  3. Yay for Lily and Dillion! All these wonderful new accomplishments. Yay for you and James too, with your slings selling like hotcakes and his promotion. Glad you liked the email =c)