Monday, June 1, 2009

A day in the life of an underappreciated mother

7:15am - Wake up. Mind you, this is not the first time I have been awake today. There was 1am, 3am, 6:30am. However I got to sleep an extra hour today,  so woohoo!

7:30 - Teeth brushed, clothes on, herd 'em up, get downstairs. Greet Cole for the last day of daycare before summer break.

8:00 - Fix breakfast. Lily and I have decided on raisin bran with banana's today. I of course get my coffee!

8:30 - Actually eating now, in the playroom so I can entertain the 2 babies. 

9:00 - Nurse Dillion which gives me 10 minutes of computer time!

9:15 - Dillion is done, back to the real world. Lily is ready to read "Put me in the Zoo."

9:30 - Lily can now read, spell outloud, and write the word Zoo!

9:50 - Load 'em up. Cole in the stroller, Dillion in the sling, Lily on foot and here we go for a 30 minute walk down Bottom road. Lily scours the hillsides for honeysuckles that she can smell but not see. Dillion falls asleep.

10:30 - Return home and everyone is hungry. Cole gets a bottle, Lily a snack.

11:00 - Nurse Dillion again.

11:10 - All the children are settled for a few minutes. Time to unload/reload the dishwasher, put in a load of laundry, wipe down the counters...

11:20 - Diaper time for both boys. 

11:30 - Dad calls "Melissa, your mom and I are going to head up your way to visit in a bit." Panic sets in.

11:35 - I run trying to get things downstairs picked up and find clothes for everyone to wear.

12:10 - Make Lily lunch. Vegi soup, cheese, blueberries, and juice. I grab a diet coke.

12:20 - Cole and Dillion are both ready for a nap, rare but very appreciated!

12:30 - I quickly take a shower.

12:40 - Lily brings me the phone. "Mommy, it is Anton." The phone drops into the shower and dies.

12:41 - I get out and start explaining how A. 4y/o's don't play with the phone B. Don't bring a phone near water C. How did she come up with the name Anton?

12:42 - The bedroom phone rings. It's Anton. 

12:50 - Check on the sleeping boys. 

12:55 - Throw Lily in the shower.

1:00 - Get myself ready. Help Lily wash her hair.

1:10 - Lily is out, lotioned, getting dressed.

1:20 - The boys are waking up. Dillion needs to nurse.

1:30 - Diaper/clothes change for Cole.

1:45 - Throw Dill in the kitchen sink bathtub which he is quickly outgrowing.

1:50 - Get Cole set up in the highchair for lunch.

2:00 - Lily's lunch plate is cleaned up, table washed down, trash needs taken out. I sit it by the front door. 

2:05 - Finish feeding Cole. Dillion is enjoying the bath so I let him go a bit longer.

2:15 - Mom and Dad arrive. I wrap a wet baby Dill in a towel and strap him to the changing table.

2:20- Dad and I find ramps and attempt to get the wheelchair in the house. 

2:25 - Cole and Lily are occupied in the playroom, Dad and mom still fighting the ramps outside, I am wrestling Dillion into a diaper. 

2:45 - It is decided that the ramps are not going to work and we will just visit outside today. 

2:55 - Cole's mommy arrives. 1 last diaper, chat about summer, realize I am going to miss that little man! They leave. I am embarressed because the trash is still sitting there.

3:05-4:15 - Visit outside. Lily plays bubbles with Papa while mom and I oogle over Dillion.

4:20 - James comes home!

4:25 - Parents head out. I realize I am idea why.

4:30 - I nurse Dillion while Lily hangs out with Daddy for a bit.

4:40 - James and I have a disagreement. Which stinks bc I was having such a nice productive day.

4:45 - Realize I forgot to eat lunch.

4:50 - I remember the clothes in the washer and throw them into the dryer.

5:00 - James begins preparing dinner. I clean the playroom with a very uncooperative Lily.

5:40 - James is sitting at the table with dinner ready. I am still cleaning. Lily is finally kicked into gear when she realizes we are not eating until everything is clean.

5:50 - After a very stressful yet wonderful day I ask my darling daughter who I have put tons of effort into..."What was your favorite part of the day?"

5:52 - Lily says "eating this yummy pizza that daddy made!"

5:53 - Slightly sad, but I totally understand since it is yummy pizza and it is what we are currently doing. But I ask again "what was your second favorite part of today?"

5:55 - Lily says "blowing bubbles with Papa!"

5:56 - Even more sad, but these are very special events. Let's try one more time. "Lily what was your 3rd favorite thing today?"

6:00 - "I don't remember doing anything else today."

6:01 - I realize that my dream of being a mommy and showing my children how much I love and care for them everyday would go unappreciated for the rest of my life...


  1. sounds exhausting. When they get older they will know how much effort went to everyday of being happy, clean, and safe.

  2. know she loves you!! I guess we just start to take things for granted at times, such as spending all day with the ones you love. You could also try to win her over by having trilets ;-p

  3. This had me laughing out loud....especially with the 'Anton' part..