Thursday, June 4, 2009

Documentation on a Walk

So for the past 2 weeks I have been putting Dillion in the sling and going on a walk. Sometimes James and Lily come along. I started at 15 minutes and am currently doing 25-30. These pics were taken on my walk Tuesday. For the first time none of these pictures have not been put through Photoshop! *gasp*

1. A weed in the "Nature Preserve" area of our yard.

2. We have a bridge 20 feet from our property that floods once a year. Heed the sign!

3. Dillion being grumpy about 10 minutes into the walk.

4. The river that flows under the bridge.


  1. How do you take such vivid pic? I just bought a d60 to start taking dds pics instead of going to "professionals." It's so intimidating!

  2. Beautiful pictures!!! I get a kick out of the signs posted at most of the bridges here in Louisiana: Bridge may ice when freeze. Ya, that happens every day ;-)