Monday, December 28, 2009

New Cloth Diaper!

Finally I am part of the Ooga Booga craze. Dill received his first Camo Ooga Booga diaper from
K and K's Chubby Cheeks

Custom slots coming to IndieSunshine in January because Yes, they are that amazing!

First off Victoria was lovely to work with when ordering my custom diaper. It arrived to me cutely packaged and she even sent along diaper pins. Which was great as these are my first "real" cloth diaper. I admit I was a little leary to step away from snaps, velcro and stuffing pockets, but I am loving it! The pins make me feel old school cool and the lining she uses is the softest material I have ever touched!

From absorbancy to the cuteness factor K and K's Chubby Cheeks gets an A++ in my book!


  1. Awww, those are absolutely adorable diapers!!!! Wish I could get into it but I'm hoping to have all FOUR kids potty trained by the end of 2010 LOL (yeah, wishful thinking I know)

  2. You go! From personal experience I can tell you it is easier to train multiple children at once. When potty training my now 5 y/o I was babysitting another girl her age and they were both trained by their second birthdays with no trouble. So good luck you can do it!