Monday, January 4, 2010

365 Days of Photography

I am a few days late joining up, but this seems like such a fun idea I couldn't resist! For the next year I will be taking and posting 1 picture a day...

Yea I know that is 4 pics, but my kids are just to cute! At least mommy and daddy think so :)


  1. Love the pictures Melissa!! What beautiful kiddos =c) and a great photographer!

  2. well you had to catch up so you get 4 pictures. and they are adorable. i've thought about playing along with this too. i just think i'll suck at it.

  3. Well you can suck right along with me Brandy :) Plus your readers would eat it up! We all need more Grayson pics.

    Thank you Farah, btw love the new music set in a box. We had one for Lily and it is still a playroom favorite. Are you or Mike musically inclined?

  4. Beautiful pictures! This is a great Idea! If I thought I could keep up with it, I would do it too. I look forward to the rest of your year in photos!