Sunday, July 4, 2010

All 3 of my children

Well if you have just joined my blog recently you may not realize that I have a daughter who came before my rotten boys. She is sweet, perfect, and beautiful. (pictured above) :)

Now on to the boys...Friday morning we set out at 9:30 for a very long day. First my doctors office for the second of the steroid shots for Baby Ian's lungs. 10:30 - Dr. Rink the urologist to talk about both the boys. He decided Dillion needs to be checked out more throughly and will be doing so next Friday. The Dr will be scoping him while under general anesthesia to see if he can locate a problem. Possibly doing a VCUG if they find something. Scary to think my 18mo little boy will be put to sleep, but I hope they find something and can make him better. 

As for Baby Ian the urologist said after birth they will do a series of test. Multiple blood tests to see how his creatinine level adjusts, VCUG which is dye to see how his kidney's/bladder work, Ultrasound to see how dilated everything looks when he gets out, and a nuclear scan which is dye injected somewhere to test something...Yes I received way to much information that day, but I am sure they will tell me again before they do it.

Then at 1 we went to St. Vincent to tour the NICU and talk with a neonatalogist. His name was Dr Michnov (?) Very nice man, sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He did say that Ian would need to be in the NICU for at least one day so they could monitor how he pees. But really they are expecting him to fair pretty well considering his PUV. After that first day and all the scans they will do the valve ablation surgery and hopefully he will get to come home the same time I do. Of course this is all in a perfect world, but hey why not hope for the best? 

All in all we learned tons and feel a lot more at ease with the whole situation for Ian.

Side note - James and I didn't have time to eat lunch during all this hurrying around so after the NICU we decided to eat at Golden Corral around 2:30. Came home, cleaned the house like a madwomen and at 6 came down with a hard case of food poisoning. I was sick and didn't eat for over 28 hours. My OB prescribed some phenergan which helped me sleep and stop puking after 2 doses. Today I should of spent recovering, instead I finished my fodant cake and had a family cookout with MIL.

Happy 4th to all!  

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