Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Late July update...

Always have to add a picture. And this just happens to be my most recent one. I have GOT to cut that boys hair, with the flower and necklace he is not looking to manly. We are thinking about going a lot shorter, but it is so soft and beautiful it will be hard to get rid of...makes me teary just thinking about it. 

Now on to updates. As for Dillion, he had the general anesthesia with scope and then a VCUG. Turns out he has a couple little things going on, but nothing that is causing problems or bleeding. So really we know nothing. Except it is really hard to watch nurses in scrubs take away my baby and put him to sleep even if they are blowing bubbles and pulling him in a play car. However he did really well with everything, was up and eating a ton before we even left the hospital and has hit a huge mental growth spurt. Learning so much so quickly!

Then there is Ian. Everything was going great...3 weeks ago the fluid was around 15cm. Then the next week it dropped to 8.6, last Friday it was 7.1 (aka low.) There are two possible causes...1. he is growing and so is the obstruction so the urine is not getting out like it was before or 2. his kidney's are failing. Obviously we are hoping for option 1. I go back to Indy on Thursday and we should know more after that appt and ultrasound. My OB said if his fluid gets to 2-3 cm they will deliver him. So we may be meeting this little guy sooner than we had thought (or hoped.) Keep him in your thoughts.

And finally a general family update. We have been working on the kids new room forever. All 4 of us have been sleeping in the master bedroom since I can remember at this point or so it seems. But we are getting very close to finishing. The new ceiling is in, the walls are spackled, everything is being primed on Thursday while I am at the doctors. Then hope to paint this weekend...well maybe we have a photo shoot Saturday so it might wait till Monday. At this point we are trying to get everything done as quickly as possible in case Ian decides to show up. Here is to hoping I am not one of 5 in my bedroom! 

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