Sunday, August 1, 2010

High Risk Unit is no fun!

Lets start with Thursday...My friend Lisha and I headed towards Indy for an ultrasound and to see what the Maternal Fetal Medicine doctors had to say about my low fluid. During the ultrasound we find out that the fluid has dropped to 5.3, one of his kidney's has gone cystic, but his bladder is not bigger. Meaning that either my water broke or his kidney's have stopped functioning. I was hooked up to an NST and Ian scored 10 for 10 on his biophysical profile. So I am sent home and told to see my regular OB for an ultrasound on Friday.

Friday...My OB's office calls and said the MFM docs called and they now want me to head to Indy immediately. I call James, he comes home with my mother in law so she can watch the kids and we can go. I get a second call from my OB's office saying, Oh by the way, pack a bag. Most likely they are going to want to keep you. So I frantically pack a few things and off we go. When we get to St. Vincent I received another ultrasound where the fluid was 3.3. They tell me that I will be staying the weekend on the high risk unit for monitoring. When I get upstairs to the unit I am checked to see if my water broke, but it did not. So I am hooked up to the monitor and we wait.

Saturday...Lots of sitting around. I go on the monitor at 6am, 2pm, and 10pm. Other than that I just watch tv or go for walks around the hospital. I did get to talk to the MFM doc for the weekend, he said that he feels better and better about keeping Ian in rather than delivering him early. No need to add preemie issues on top of the issues he already has. Then later I spoke with a neonatalogist who agreed and said he is trying to get ahold of the pediatric urologist (same guy that did Dill's scope) to see if he thinks it will help the kidneys to get Ian out sooner rather than later.

Sunday...James stayed the night at the hospital with me, but he is gone now and I miss my children. We quickly spoke with the MFM doc who still told me to stick around and be monitored, I will receive another ultrasound Monday, we will hear from the pedi urologist and then discuss what to do from there. Also during Ian's last monitoring session he had 1 variable. Where his heart rate dropped, the nurse said they see this a lot when the amniotic fluid is gone because the baby will step on their cord for a bit. However they don't get concerned about just 1, so we will see how he does tonight.

My thoughts...James and I are very concerned. (Did that need to be said?) It seems like the doctors are trying to get him as big as possible so he can be put on dialysis when he comes out. We are wondering if it wouldn't be better to get him out earlier and see if we can keep some kidney function in the one kidney so he doesn't need dialysis. We are frustrated with the doctors decision. My local OB said he would deliver if the fluid got to 2 or 3, he also said he would think getting Ian out earlier would be better for his kidneys. If all the fluid is gone tomorrow and these doctors refuse to do anything I will be calling my doctor to see if they have other thoughts. James is going to call around to a couple different hospitals and see if he can get any kind of second opinion. I want Ian to come out as healthy as possible and will do anything I need to.

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