Thursday, August 5, 2010

And I am paying these people for...what?

Well the final results are in. Drum roll please...Not a single doctor has a clue what is going on with my baby/fluid. 

The "specialists" aka the maternal fetal medicine OB's at St. Vincent think it must be that the kidneys have failed because...well they can't find anything else wrong. The placenta looks normal, it doesn't seem I have ruptured my membranes, and the baby looks happy. So since he already has a kidney issue, this must be the problem.

The urologists and nephrologist say that the kidneys actually don't look that bad. There is no reason they should be working less today than 5 weeks ago. So they don't know what is wrong, but the nephrologist says that the kidney fate (whatever it may be) is sealed at this point and there is no reason to take him out earlier. 

When will we deliver? Don't know. Cincinnati originally said 37 weeks. The Ob's want him as big as possible so 38 weeks (due to previous c-sections) and the urologist said 36 weeks. Today I am 34 weeks and this feels pretty good. Tomorrow would be nice...

Personal side note: I am very unhappy with these findings. I hate everyone I know right now for one reason or another. And if at my appt on Friday they try to tell me 38 weeks I am going to scream in their face and punch them. 


  1. I'm sorry it is so frustrating. My MFM said 34 weeks regardless - maybe Ian will decide to take matters into his own hands anyway...Matthew did! And feel free to yell and cry. As long as you don't cuss them out, they usually least in my experience :)

  2. Remember... if they are not giving you the answers then ask for a second opinion or a third or a fourth... what ever it takes. Tell them how you feel. That is so important. If you are feeling anxious about waiting that long due to cord issues or anything else tell them. It will help them to know everything you are feeling and everything you want. Remember they work for you! You are in charge... plus many PUV babys.... in fact most I know of come between 31 and 36 weeks. It gets squishy in there with no fluid. I hate that you have to go through this and I am praying that miracles happen.

  3. I can not imagine the stress you are under. good luck.