Sunday, May 26, 2013

One less problem!

Good Afternoon Everyone and thank you all for your thoughts and prayers during my surgery last week! The whole experience went really well. The Doctor said she expects the pathology report to come back negative. (So no cancer!) And hopefully that will be the last time she operates on me!

The only hiccup all day was the IV, I hate those things and the burning medicine they put through them. So that has made me a little nervous for the surgery next week. However, I am very happy that the bothersome little problem is now gone and I can feel a little more normal :-) I am sure I will be happy when my knee is taken care of as well!

So a few weeks ago I had a MRI of my knee. It showed a couple issues. Tuesday morning at 6:30 I go to the surgery center to prep for a quick knee surgery. The Doctor will be fixing something in my knee called a Discoid Meniscus. It is just a little anomaly that is causing my knee to "catch" a lot. A nuisance that will be great to not have anymore! Also he will be looking around with a scope to see how to best fix a cyst that has formed deep in my knee. Right now he is thinking that towards the end of summer I will have a second surgery. They will take a piece of cadaver bone and use that to replace the part of my knee that the cyst is taking up. The healing time from the first surgery should be just a couple of days. However, the second surgery will be more like 6 weeks on crutches. Eek! I can not imagine being off my feet that long!

I am hoping to be in better shape by the time the second surgery takes place! To prepare I am keeping up with my daily 5:30 exercise and have started using an app to track my calories. That has been eye opening to say the least. It has forced me to measure things out and actually be concerned with serving sizes. I am only on day 4, but I have already dropped a quick 6lbs just by using accurate portions! If I can keep all of this up I should be about 20lbs lighter by the time end of summer comes around. Just losing weight alone will help with my knees, but combine that with fixing the internal issues...and I will be ready to run my first 5K by next Spring!

Hope everyone is having a great 3 day weekend!


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