Friday, February 20, 2009

Dillinger James

8lbs 1oz
19 inches

2 Months
12lbs 6oz
23.5 inches

Baby Dillion had his 2 month well baby visit today. That is what he looked like when I told him he had to have a shot. Poor baby. But luckily only 1 shot and 1 oral vaccine. We are following Dr. Bob Sears vaccination schedule instead of the regular one. There is a greater chance of allergies later in life if the baby receives certain vaccines to early. Since he won't be in daycare and is breastfed I am not overly worried about him catching something. Anyway, things went great. He is in the 50-75 percentile on height, weight, and head circumference. Growing like a weed and super strong. He rolled over from his belly to back for the second time today at the Dr's office! I can't believe how quickly time is going by. Better keep a good blog of it all :)

Also today my best friend the UPS man brought our faucet for the bathroom sink and new camera! So happy!! I will post pics of the faucet tomorrow it is pretty cool. Kinda of like an old school pour spout...oh you will just have to see it to understand. Oh and the camera is a Canon Rebel XSi 12.4mg pixel with 3 extra lens. One of those is a portrait lens, so expect lots new pics of my kids on myspace and facebook!

Might start taking them now. Both of the kids are down for the night after a big day of going to work with daddy, Dillion's Dr's Appt., and an impromptu adventure to Bloomingfoods. A friend that I haven't seen for a while is suppose to stop by later tonight. But as for right now I am off to take pics of sleeping babies....

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  1. Aww. He's so adorable. Look at that pout. He must've been really mad at you LOL.