Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hmmm...Today I was catching up on some tv while doing the laundry (fun fun!?) Anyway, Super Nanny was on and she was helping out a family where the dad was abusive. I mean seriously out of line! He would slap his little 2-4 year old daughters in the face. One time he hit her so hard that she fell to the floor. 

First off I blame the mom in the situation. Because I feel as a mom that I am my kids first line of defense. No one is going to hit them, not even their father. If he ever did I would be out the door with the kids faster than he could apologize. But then I have to wonder if someone on the Super Nanny staff goes back and checks on this family to make sure the problem was resolved. Can you call the child protective agency on something you see on TV? Surely it is illegal, right? I don't know, I just can't imagine seeing something like that in person and not having the guy hauled off to jail. But maybe that is just me...


  1. I can't believe they showed that on the air!! I love that show! My husband and I watch it and talk about all the things we aren't going to do raising our children! Hey, I'm from Indiana also. Where are you located at? Thanks for becoming a follower of my blog!

  2. Well thank you for following me too :) I left a message on your blog with my location.

    Oh the show was totally appalling on that episode! I honestly couldn't believe they aired it either. Pretty sure it was two weeks ago (I just DVR stuff and get to it when I can!) And the names he called him little girls were hideous. Honestly there are some ppl out there that shouldn't have children. That guy was one of them. IMO :)

  3. I am about an hour north of Indy in Blackford county. It's cool to "know" another Indiana blogging mom!!