Sunday, February 22, 2009

Losing My Religion

Sorry no upbeat blog today, I am upset.

Background - I was raised in a Christian church. All my life I have believed in God so I wouldn't go to hell. Other relivant background is that my mom has been in a wheelchair since I graduated high school. I don't want to go into details on either point, but you need to know these things for the rest of the story to make sense. 

As for the last 6 years I have been to church about 5 times. I still believe in "God" but don't feel it is necessary to go to a building and proof this. Anyway, my parents have been asking me to come and bring the kids so I decide today is the day. Well we get to the church and a few minutes later my parents arrive. As they are getting my mom out of the van her wheelchair goes off the lift (from about 2 feet off the ground) and she goes over the edge with it. So this is when I start to question...was God to busy to keep her from falling? Does he just not care that one of his loyal followers is in pain in the church parking lot!? WTH? Where is God when we need him? Due to the incident my mom had to go to the emergency room and we weren't even able to attend church. Was there a bigger plan of which I am not aware?  I am really struggling with that right now. I know this is just one small incident and I shouldn't loose faith from this alone but...Where has he been for the last 6 years while she has suffered through surgery after surgery trying to fix her. Where are these miracles that preachers like to boast about? I'm just wondering...

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