Wednesday, February 25, 2009

James and I have been cooking a lot more lately. Partly to save money, but more to be healthier. Plus now that we are a family of 4 we need to start acting like it!

Here are a couple things we made this week. Last night James made baked breaded chicken with spaghetti, red sauce and shredded smoked gouda cheese. Yum! It may not look to appetizing here (I will admit to taking a couple bites before the pic was taken.) But it was sooo good!

Then there is a ghetto banana pie. We decided really late Monday night that we were hungry...well what do we have? Banana's...a gross of animal crackers from Sam's Club,...oh and I think an old package of sugar free vanilla pudding. Voila! We threw the animal crackers in the food processor, then added a little butter to make it stick together. Mixed the pudding, and cut up a banana. It was delicious!

Well that is all for today. I have a sweet little man with a cold who needs my undivided attention all day...I am happy to oblige!

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