Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New news 5/5

Today I visited the new pediatrician with Dillion. He is going to be a great fit for our family. Dills liked him, and he normally strongly disliked doctors, nurses, lab technician, people in general.... :)

Then we had a fluid check at St. Vincent. Everything looked about the same, I still somehow have fluid, the bladder was big again meaning the kidney's are still working. However the Doctor had a level back from the bladder tap that he didn't on Monday. It showed elevated proteins, meaning Baby Ian's kidneys are beginning to not work as well. Dr Conners thinks we need the shunts without question to save the kidney's. He is calling Dr Dumbledoor (ok I don't know what his name is exactly...Looking it up now) Dr. Timothy Crombleholme at the Fetal Care Center in Cincinnati, who BTW previously worked at CHOP which is the best place to go for fetal care, but travelling to Philadelphia is a little out of the question right now. Anyway, the hope is that they will set an appointment up for early next week to consult with us about shunts. They REALLY want us to be out of fluid first, but it is just not happening at this time. Which is actually good for the lungs, but bad because they don't want to do the surgery yet which compromises the kidney's. Also I don't remember the word he used, but the kidney's are now showing up with bright spots. Something genic maybe? If anyone knows tell me what the word is and what it means. Driving me nuts. But it was not a good thing.

So tomorrow at 8:30 Dillion goes in for the kidney ultrasound searching for stone's. Hopefully I will hear from Cincinnati and we can get something scheduled. Poor James is worrying so much and asking every doctor he can find if this is getting done fast enough or if there is a way to quicken the process. At this point every moment we waste is a moment that his kidneys are getting worse...Let's go people!