Saturday, May 1, 2010

Boys updates

Unfortunatly nothing to report on Baby Tres except, you can now call him Baby Ian :) We are naming him Sebastian Blake and will call him Ian.

I was hoping to get his kidney function results on Friday but no. I will call on Monday and beg for them. My MIL will be coming with us on Wednesday for the fluid check. She says she is going to yell at the Dr's until they do something immediatly. She also called a friend with connections and we are going to get a second opinion at Methodist hospital next week.

As for Dillion we went to his Pediatricain yesterday morning. He says he doesn't think Dill really had a UTI, because the culture they grew came back with bacteria that is found on skin rather than in the bladder. So he think it was a kidney stone. Next Thursday Dillion goes for a renal ultrasound. If that shows stones then I will need to talk to his ricket doctors about changing his medicine dose because they cause kidney stones in high doses.

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