Friday, March 6, 2009

3 Things That Made Me happy today

Here is what you do: Grab the Happy Friday button above, and write a post on your blog about 3+ things that made you happy!

Here is my list!

1. Spending time with old friends tonight. Killing Zombies at Brian's house with some Call of Duty, then having girl time with Amber!

2. My kids! Lily says the sweetest things :) And Dillion really giggled at me today when I tickled him, not just a high pitched squel, but a real laugh! Best part was that Daddy got to hear it too :) :) :)

3. My new little daycare guy. He is so easy going, cute, sweet...he just fits in perfectly and will hopefully be a great kid for Dillion to grow up with! 

Good Day!

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