Monday, March 2, 2009

Today was great! My new little daycare guy came and was so perfect, I had some fun with the camera, and we ate a really yummy dinner, yippie! The first picture is a fly...I documented the last moments of this poor flies life. We found him just a little while later dead on the floor. James said I used the flash on him one to many times. LoL

Then I was trying to get some pictures of James' saltwater aquarium to no avail. However, I noticed my reflection, so I played with that for a while. 

Yum dinner! On the left is a packet consisting of sliced potatoes, carrots and celery. Sprinkled with parmasan cheese and baked in the oven. Next to that is Alton Brown's Mac and Cheese. Recipe can be found here... It is so good, we make our own bread crumbs and it is just that much more delicious!


  1. I hope that dinner tasted better than it looks. lol.

  2. LoL, it is so hard to take a good pic of food! I took like 20 and that was the best one. Ugh! I think next time I will try taking the pic while the food is still in the pan. We'll see if that helps. But yes it was very good!! :)