Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sooo busy today. I had three kids all day, played a few rounds'o Candyland, went shopping at Khols and the mall, then home to get everything/one unloaded. I am beat! However I did get a new pair of pants and a shirt at Khols :) James got a bunch of clothes, and socks. OMG he goes through a million pairs of socks, throws them in the trash and is always complaining that he doesn't have any clean! So I, Queen of the Laundry, am very glad he bought socks! Lily purchased a few summer shirts at Old Navy. Oh and darling Dillion got an exersaucer. He still needs to wait about a month till he is ready for it, but my new daycare child could use it now :) Tax deductible!

So anyway, here's a random hat picture of Dillion...


  1. we love watching family guy - i always say it's for the baby - it's cartoons. right.