Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Break! I just fully realized that I have all week off :) No waking up at 6am, no getting out of my jamies if I don't want to, slightly easier child load and I can travel!! Our garage door has been broken for a while with my car inside, grrr. But it is finally out and I am going to be visiting some friends and family next week. Plans...

Monday - Laundry... Go to Joanne's to buy fabric for a friend's sling, PINK. I am so excited to make it!

Tuesday - Visit Pamala and the kids? If not then we'll go walk around the mall. Drop Lily off at my parents...

Wednesday - James' surgery in the morning. Pick up Lily?

Thursday - Visit Grandma's house in Bloomfield.

Friday - Chill out, play lots of Candyland and finish the sling if its not done by then.

I'm so excited, we will see if I get all of that accomplished!

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