Monday, March 23, 2009

Wow, I have pretty much been gone from Internet life for the last week! Spring Break was for my List 'O Things to do, it actually went pretty well! I did go fabric shopping and got 1 sling completed. I was able to visit with Pamala and her kids, we just added an extra :) Amber's son Christian came to play with us on Tuesday. That brought the grand total up to 2 boy babies, 2 4y/o girls and 1 5 y/o boy. Good times! 

James had his surgery and everything went pretty well. He had an orbital mass removed. The Dr's were hoping it was a cyst, it was not. So they sent it off to pathology and we go tomorrow to have his stitches removed and get the results. He is 4 years out from his last bone marrow transplant, so if this is benign and his next ct-scan look good he will be declared in remission. This is the hope.

As for what this week will bring, hmmm. Today I am just trying to get back into the routine! Get some laundry done between diaper changes, hehe. Exciting! 

Oh yea we might be going on vacation this weekend. My family is taking a trip to Gatlinburg TN for their spring break. We agreed to let them take Lily. So I think we might join them. Drive down on Friday after we get Dillions next round of shots, then stay two nights and come home Sunday. Still haven't decided for sure, but you only get one life to live. The only part that concerns me (other than the money, lol) is that we will have to stop every 2 hours down there and back to feed Dillion. Nursing in the car is very uncomfortable, but if it the difference in going on vacation and not...I think I can take a boppy and just get over it :)

Aww, a pic of Christian and Lily!

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  1. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I hope from the bottom of my heart that James will be declared "in remission" at his next ct scan!